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Quality Software

We at Oomens ICT are proud to deliver quality grade software solutions. Our expert knowledge of programming skills meets your business needs with accuracy. We strive towards solutions that are future proof and well documented.

Quality Service

Oomens ICT stands for excellent service. There's always more work at the end of a budget. We will gladly give some extra effort to see a happy customer! For enterprise solutions we have multiple SLA's available.

Flexible Solutions

Everything we build is based on the design principle of Expandable (Open) Architecture. In a fast changing world our solutions will by default be ready for changes, updates and upgrades.


No more vendor lock-in. No more cost overruns. Not just words, but a way of life, a way of thinking. Everything we do, build, create and deliver is yours. Clear contracts without small print.

Our Services

Mobile Apps

We believe in mobile apps. Together with our partners we can deliver all your needs when it comes to mobile apps. Including backend interfacing, design, hosting and service.

Augmented Reality

Objects or persons projected in your office, on the training court or in your living room. Augmented Reality is going to give your life a whole new dimension. No more phone or video calls but a 'live' person standing in front of you or your colleagues 'projected' in the same meeting room.


Secure distributed data is going to replace existing 'centralised' data. Be the true owner of your own data and control who may or may not have (temporary) access. Blockchain is going to revolutionise our way of living and we at Oomens ICT are fully aware of that.

Tailor Made Software

There's no such thing as turnkey software solutions. All solutions need to be tailored to your specific needs. At Oomens ICT we are specialised in software tailoring.

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